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Linear Solutions have been developing Office Automation and database solutions for over 10 years. Our holistic approach enables us to identify the processes within your business and build a solution around this knowledge and save you time and money. By utlizing the affordable Office Suite of programs, your business can have a solution that will enable scalability and also the management tools to harness the growth of your business.

There are a lot of 'off the shelf' database solutions available, however for budget and future development, Access is a hard to beat option for new and existing smaller companies. The finance sector has also seen a resurgence in using its low-cost flexibility to report and create financial reports and calculations.

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News - Susguage Project for Enguage Team

Technologies used

We have just finished developing a sustainability for schools tool for West Sussex County Council. Watch the promo video. The project startedout as an elaborate excel tool, which then developed into an Access Database Solution and finally became an online database, which schools log into an take a self assessment to track their sustanability.

We are keen to get involved with database development of Environmenal IT solutions and access database solutions that will contribute to reducing carbon emissions and other initiatives. We will consider offerinbg discounted rates for such organisations and registered charities or community interest companies.

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