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Why do you need a database?

A lot of smaller organisation we have had the pleasure of working with, started out with a bunch of spreadsheets to manage their client base, orders, services, invoicing and stock records. In principle this a fine way to start out, but before you know it, your spreadsheet is running off the page and you have hundreds of columns, which requires you to peform a search before you can access the information you want. You can of course sort the order and apply filters if you wish and have the knowledge, but Excel really isnt the best application for managing and handling vast quantities of data records and should be left to the Access Database.

The Access database allows Relationships to be formalised so that your data can be managed effectively through the use of forms and reports.

Microsoft Access is bundled with the Professional Office edition as so is relatively inexpensive , when you consider how much a business will use applications such as Word, Excel and Outlook on a day to day basis.

Bespoke Database Solution

In our experience, it is rare to find an 'off the shelf' product that fulfills all your requirements and fits into your work processes. More often that not, businesses may adapt such processes to fit in with the package, which can be at the detriment to your business essentially affecting it or straying from your vision and business plan.

We can utilize the necessary functions within Access to fit around your business model and processes and automate them, making your business operation more efficient and profitable. By automating processes and structuring a relational database, reports can be built allowing you to sit back and manage your business with good , informative reports and allow better business decisions.


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